Luisa - pictures and review

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    My Luisa arrived Wednesday, but I hadn't received any tracking # prior. The body is in metallic gunmetal, which is incredibly soft and smooshy. The trim is in pearlized charcoal, and looks great with the gunmetal. Overall, she's just what I wanted (and she's going for her first run today), but I do have a few disappointments with her (although it could be my choice of leathers). Can you love a purse, but still be disappointed?

    First 2 pictures are next to an envelope for sizing.



    The next 2 show a concern (the side flap tends to stick out - it is not pleated, and my leather is so soft).


  2. Sorry the pics are so small (but they're clickable).

    The strap holders are heavy and they slightly get in the way of the zipper (although I think I can get used to this with a little practice).

    P1010058.JPG P1010061.JPG

    I tried my dark grey Luka strap with her, and it could work.


    The bottom of the bag is in silver. It seemed odd at first, as I thought it would be the same as the trim on the bag, but I like it this way. However, you should be aware of this in case that is not to your liking (also, I requested that the strap be made in the same color as the trim, as it was originally going to be the same color as the body of the bag).

  3. Here is the inside of the bag (I went with lilac fabric this time and it's the same color as the lilac suede). This has the shorter key fob and the engraved Ignes.

    P1010063.JPG P1010064.JPG

    As you can see, the inside is nice and roomy and can hold a lot. However, that brings me to my last complaint, and this really is my biggest complaint. I don't know if it's my leather choices, or the bag's design. I spent hours yesterday filling, emptying, refilling the bag to take out with me today. And at the lightest I could manage to be functional, it weighs the straps so that she is lopsided (and you can see a little of the side flap sticking out a little also). Here's a picture:


    So, overall, I love the leather, love the look of the Luisa as she sits on the table, but can't figure out how to keep her from being lopsided as I carry her. As I said in my first post, can you love a purse and still be disappointed?
  4. It really is a beautiful bag. The lopsided issues though would bother me too. I see how you love it and are disappointed at the same time. Do email Maria and see if there is a solution!

    Your combination is so pretty and I think this may be my first clutch!
  5. The leather combination is definitely gorgeous, but IA, the lopsided issue would bug me too. I can also understand loving it and being disappointed at the same time. :hugs: I hope Maria can suggest a solution for this!

    If the lopsidedness isn't a problem inherent in the design, maybe Ignes needs to keep in mind that the bag should be reinforced when using softer leathers? (Pearlised charcoal and gunmetal are soft leathers, no?) I can see how it could be a design issue as well, though, due to the placement of the strap rings. The alternative would be to place the rings on the sides of the clutch, but that would leave them exposed when the strap isn't in use, which is probably what they were trying to avoid when choosing the current placement of the rings. Hopefully, Ignes will look into this and see if they can figure out a solution!
  6. The bag is lovely, looks great as a clutch and with the strap
    but the lopsided issue is bothersome.

    I agree with starkfan that it may be due to the ring placement,
    also I am thinking that since the bag is a somewhat of a larger clutch from what I can see, when you fill the bag the straps have to be wide enough and the hooks and rings more bigger/sturdier to support the weight, narrower straps will move on the rings and tilt depending on which side the weight of the bag is distributed.
  7. Thanks for the comments so far. I'm on my way out the door for her first trial run and will have more info this evening. She's really a beauty, and would be a fantastic clutch, and I also carried her around the house with the Luka strap, and she would definitely work that way also.

    Mentha, I believe your observation is right on the money. The "rings" are really square, rectangular, yet the strap clips are slim and round, oval. That's exactly what's happening - the strap slips to either side of the rings.

    This evening I'll take a closer picture of how the strap is slipping on the rings, and let you all know how it was to carry. And I'll email Maria with the pictures and let her know how it goes.

    Again, she's really lovely, the leathers are just what I had hoped, and are as soft as butter (although the charcoal is reinforced, as is the bottom), but we'll see if I can not obsess all night about her looking lopsided.
  8. Beautiful bag! I wouldn't have even noticed the lopsided if you hadn't said anything, but I'm slow on such things.

    Again, admitting my memory blows, but I thought you had decided on a naughty silver bottom. I like it. I have the silver and gunmetal on Millie, and they are pretty together.

    Sorry you're disappointed.
  9. I love the leather combo that you chose. They work so nicely together in a clutch.

    I have had similar feelings about other bags I have (loving and being somewhat disappointed, too). But it seems there must be a solution here. I agree that the leather of the straps is probably slipping on the ring, making it lopsided. I wonder if there isn't a way to secure the straps better to prevent this. Maybe smaller rings? That is all I can come up with.

    Hopefully Maria/Ignacio will resolve this for you. It really is a great clutch.
  10. Cathy...thanks for the detailed review. Info like this is super helpful!

    I would also suggest contacting Maria about your concerens. When I emailed her about my sealant issue she was so gracious and helpful, they really do take feedback and try to make improvements.

    Do you know what exactly causes the side to gape and the lopsided issue?
  11. It is beautiful! Congrats!

    Too bad it is lopsided like that though. Does it look that lopsided when you carry it?
  12. WOW! is this our first Luisa? It is just gorgeous! I don't understand the lopsidedness....but it sounds like y'all have figured it out with the clip on and the holes....don't quite grasp that yet, but it does sound like you figured out what is going on. I do hope this bag can be fixed because you don't want a lopsided bag. You know?

    I wonder how much testing Ignes does with new styles. Do they just make the one bag then say, hey! Let's take orders! I think they should put new bags through their paces and work out the glitches.

    At any rate, keep us posted, please! I want this bag to be balanced and working perfectly for you!! It is just so gorgeous!
  13. I love the colour combo but I agree, I think the lopsidedness would bother me. Otherwise, it is a great looking bag!
  14. I love the color combo!

    Maybe if they added two more rings to clip through? I think the lopsidedness comes from the rings being placed the way they are?
  15. Back from my several hour trial run (and supervising our old garage being torn down to make room for the new), and this is my assessment:

    The lopsidedness is definitely from the rings and clips. Here's a picture: P1010073.JPG

    After having worn it as a crossbody for several hours, I don't feel that this will bother me TOO much. But this definitely needs to be changed for the future. As you can see in the picture, the round clip slides to the corner of the square holder.

    What I did discover, however, is that the loose end flap bothers me MUCH more. Here's a better picture of that:

    This is especially bothersome as since the purse is slightly lopsided, the contents slide to the end and I was constantly looking at my wallet. This only happens at the end where the zipper opens. At the other end, the end of the zipper keeps it from folding out. The flap is an inverted triangle, as the top is wider than the bottom. Here's one more picture:


    Now it may also be that my leather is so soft that it has no structure. Really, this silver is like BUTTER!!! Love it. But I feel that the end flaps should either be less wide at the top, gathered as the front design is gathered, or something that I can't wrap my mind around.

    So, that's my review, and I'll send off an email with the pictures to Maria for her thoughts. I still love this bag, but I think Euridice is right: this was not given a trial run, at least with different leathers or with more than paper as stuffing.

    Did I say I still love this bag?