Luisa Melbourne, Australia 50% off chloes

  1. Hi all,

    I just came back from the louisa warehouse and they are having 50% off their chloe handbags. They only have a few left and from what i can remember they had:

    Small Blue Bay
    Large Edith (maybe brown)
    Baby argent paddington
    Large Bay
    paddington messenger

    They had a couple more, but I was too preoccupied with leaving the store before I totally blew my credit card to notice. Sorry!

    They are at

    Warehouse 13
    993 North Rd

    open 9-5pm.
  2. Oh my ... I think that is the first time I have heard of a Chloe sale in Australia!

    Thanks for posting, Casper. Hope someone gets a great deal or two. If only I were a few thousand kilometres closer!
  3. OMG I wish I was in Melbourne right now.... perhaps I can justify it??
  4. someone has to go and buy them all before I'm tempted to go back!!
  5. I just spent 200+ at the vet after bella got hit by a door. It wont be me!
  6. oh no! I hope she is ok :sad:
  7. Thanks casper - I agree with COB - I haven't heard of a Chloe sale in Australia before! 50% off is fantastic!
  8. no worries. I'm posting in the hope that it'll stop me from buying bags!!

    I went to their sale about 6 months ago and bought a (balenciaga shoulder) at 50% off too. So they seem to have great sales every 6 months or so.
  9. Bella, hope your little pup is OK.

    Casper, I forgot to ask the all-important question! What did you get?! :nuts:
  10. nothing....yet.....that's why i posted the sale, in the hope that temptation could be taken away from me. I just came back from a long holiday and i really can't afford anything. (Although, that has never stopped me before!!)
  11. i'm shocked - these kind of brands NEVER go on sale in australia ... are they real??:wtf:
  12. certainly are!:tup: