Luis Via Roma


Feb 16, 2006
Hello! Has anyone ever ordered from Luis Via Roma? I'm eyeing the Chloe Edith Messenger bag because it's kind of a sturdier balenciaga bag for work bag (love the regular handles + the removable shoulder strap : ) I looked to see how much shipping would cost me and it only mentions within Europe? Some help would be appreciated! Otherwise, I'll have to look for US retailer! Thanks!
I ordered a Chloe Big Pocket bag from LVR last year...if you are in the U.S. and the bag is over $1000 (after VAT is deducted) you will have free shipping. But you will probably pay customs fees (10% + $25, give or take). I still saved about $400 in the end buying from them, and the bag was beautifully packaged and perfect.