Luggage tags

  1. Hi, I need an LV Black leather luggage tag and was wondering how much they charge for a balck one maybe in epi, taiga or utah. Do they charge more for one in this type of leather compaired to normal cowhide ones. Also I would like it heatstamped and was wondering how much they charge for this and what colours can they do the heatstamp in ?.
    Thanks for any info which is posted for me :smile:
  2. i know that the regular (vachetta) luggage tags are around 40 USD, not sure about the other leathers. Heatstamping is free and they have a wide variety of colors, gold, silver, red, blue...etc etc etc
  3. thanks
  4. Hey, can you buy the LV luggage tags seperate and if so how much are they? Thanks
  5. You can. I bought one the other day and it cost £20.00. x
  6. Great thanks!!!
  7. No problem - thought I would finally stop being an observer and join in :amuse:
  8. Yay!! Welcome, you'll love it here
  9. Which store was that? didnt see any in the Leeds or Eddie store, although i wasnt really looking.
  10. Well, then do we all agree that may be the least expensive item you can buy in the boutique?
  11. Icons book £12 beats it bargain wise!
  12. GeorgesLV: - I'm already a forum addict! - I have to check in at least a couple of times a day!

    I bought it in the Manchester store. They're not out to see, you just need to ask a SA for one.
  13. That's perfect coz it's the manchester store I am going to!
  14. Wow, thanks for the thread and info!! I've been looking for a luggage tag and never thought about LV ones. It would be perfect!!:yes: Do they have different ones?
  15. I've only ever seent he ones like on the keepalls but I might be wrong