Luggage tags - I’m curious!

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  1. Like many I’ve been trying to get a luggage tag to no avail, the stores I’ve asked in won’t sell one as they are very strict and have said no since I have not bought any luggage pieces that come with the tag. What I’m curious is, if someone has bought a luggage piece they are able to order tags as repair item. Fair enough, but is there a limit to how many they can order? It just seems bizarre that people have a huge, vast collection which in effect could amount to greater value than the luggage itself? I mean I tried to buy online but they sell for over £100 on Vestiaire Collective for a new one and I haven’t bought it as that’s far too expensive. I mean someone could buy a luggage for the sale of having a luggage tag collection which seems so hard to get which makes it even more desirable with the stamps of various locations. It seems bizarre and bit unfair really? I nearly got to buy one for £48 at store but as he was about to sell it to me , the advisor decided to check my purchase history and declined. Anyway - what’s the thoughts on this?
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  2. Enforcement seems hit or miss from what I've read here, could always keep trying at different stores. I guess LV will do whatever they want to do, as silly as it may seem to us. Easy enough to get a nice luggage tag elsewhere, likely cheaper and definitely less hassle.
  3. Yes your right about not being able to walk into a LV store and get a luggage tag. I’ve just requested multiple parts replacements from my purchase history from speedy locks luggage tags and replacement straps.
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  5. Next time you buy a bag or a wallet, ask for a luggage tag. SAs are often more inclined to bend the rules when you make a purchase... and maybe consider buying a piece of luggage. There is nothing like traveling in style! :smile:
  6. There’s a memo that went out last week to store in North America about the strict non-sales of tags without proof of the luggage. So those with those vast collections will not be able to accumulate more. Before it was a hit and miss and now it’s company wide.
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  7. LV is losing decent revenue with the secondhand luggage tag market and prices getting driven up. It’s insane. You’d think LV would just make them an item that can be bought, assign prices, and sell them freely. Heck, most stores have the rainbow luggage tag wall already! The middle man is getting more profit reselling them. They’d be a fun entry level item and impulse buy in store. With the stamps they’d be fun and sell themselves. Certain tags special to specific rare bags could be more strict, but a basic vachetta or rainbow colored leather tag could be available for sale. I also don’t like that even if you buy a luggage piece you can only get replacements of the tag that came on it. IE if you get a keepall you can only get vachetta tags not any colored tags. It just seems dumb that LV is making this inconsequential item so rare when clearly there is demand for the tags as bag charms and collectible stamps.
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  8. They should do exactly what you suggest and price the tags at $250 for people who don’t own luggage.
  9. LVMH if you are reading this please give a girl a job LOL!
  10. I don’t get it.
  11. I've spent a decent amount of money lately (past 6 months) collecting the handful of tags I want plus a rare stamp (all via Facebook) before prices get driven even further up with the memo panic. Seems backward that a small luggage tag holds its value and has a better ROI than most bags!!!

    I was going to buy a keepall in store but thought what's the point if even that limits me to vachetta. Might as well buy preloved! So there is a ripple effect of demotivating people to get a luggage item new for it to be "on their account" even.

    I also don't see LV SA's as being as good at pivoting to smaller items like twillies and bag charms as with other luxury brands. Buy a speedy? Well, you need a bandeau to tie on plus a luggage tag! Missed opportunities there for sales that would start to add up.

    Also, "luggage" is the most ON BRAND LV thing EVER and to be limiting luggage tags in this way is backward to their brand personality and values. Keeping things consistent across the board is always good because it eliminates consumer frustration, but I think the memo went the wrong direction in tightening the "rules" as opposed to loosening them with this particular small and fun item.

    Okay rant over.
  12. No worries! I just meant that I don't see how they are making their business decisions lately. I wonder if they fully understand what the resell tag market has become. Working for a luxury brand's business side is the type of job I aspire to have some day, so things like this really interest me and get my wheels turning.
  13. In my experience, I’ve been able to purchase luggage tags for some of my bags because they come with luggage tags. There are a lot of items that come with luggage tags that can be ordered, if you own the item (Surène, All-In, Carryall, Dog Carrier, Boite Chapeau Souple, Grenelle, Deauville, etc.). I recall the days when you could go to LV, buy a luggage tag, get it stamped, and be on your way. They were always in stock and you could choose from various colors. I miss those days.
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  14. I think this is good advice. When I bought my last bag, I asked to purchase two luggage tags, one vachetta and one DE and got both. This was January. When I went to pick them up, she said she won't be able to sell me any tags wo a bag that comes with it in the future and said right after she sold me the tags, they got a policy change from corporate. She actually said they are running out of parts. I thought that was cute. A manufacturer running out of if.

    I do have to say, my wanting the tags were purely due to me recently starting to watch yt videos. Now that I have them, it's kind of meh to me. They do look cute but I'm not that person that hangs things on bags I realized (after getting a bag charm and a bandeau) and I don't collect things for the sake of collecting. Tags on luggage is appropriate and looks nice but collecting tags and getting different hot stamp etc seems like a hype to me. Just my experience.
  15. In March I purchased my very first LV, the Neverfull. When I made the purchase I inquired about a luggage tag. The SA said they had none in stock but would order me one. I asked about heat stamp and shipping as I live 3 hours away from the closest store in my country.
    3 weeks later my SA texted me saying it was in and they would charge my card, the next day it showed up via FedEx. I was pleasantly surprised it came beautifully boxed even with another perfume sample.
    It’s worth asking nicely when you make a purchase.

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