Luggage tags -- anybody going to buy?

  1. I'd kinda forgotten these were coming out and was planning on buying a few -- until I realized yesterday that they are not "real" luggage tags because there is not a spot for an address on them...

    They are cute though -- I wouldn't check it with my luggage if I checked the luggage...

    Any other ideas for using them??



  2. I plan to purchase the large Coach hangtag version in bottle green. The peace sign is beginning to whisper my name also. I'll use them just as charms on purses.
  3. I want the star one! I'm just going to put it on my purse!
  4. I might buy one of the logo hangtags, but that's only if i don't love the enamel hangtag that i ordered last week!
  5. I just ordered the heart and the star along with the signature flower charm. Can't wait to get them!
  6. i'd use them as charms on my bags!!!
  7. I don't plan on buying one unless they were at my outlet for super sale or something... I absolutely love the star one (I'm a star girl) but don't "need" it since I already have the metallic blue/pink/silver star keyfob. And I'd hang it from a bag.
  8. I ordered the heart! I wanted something pink with the gold hardware! I think it's so cute!
  9. I love the peace sign! I have the old pink metallic heart hanging on one of my bags, charms add nice personality and personalize a bag for me.
  10. i have the original star (gold/silver) and i DEFINITELY want this new star...i love the purple (my fave color) and i think it'll look good on all my bags.