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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone have any tips or general information on purchasing a luggage tag to use as a bag charm. I recently purchased a Speedy 30 through the LV website since the nearest boutique is about 90 minutes away, which can be tricky with a young baby. I enjoy the look of a hotstamped luggage tag as a bag charm, but I didn't realize how difficult it can be to purchase one. I don't have an item that uses a tag nor a regular SA to utilize. I tried to call the closest boutique, but it went to client services and received a stock answer.

    Any advice is appreciated!
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  2. You have three choices.... buy a keepall which has a luggage tag, buy a luggage tag when you travel to Europe as they seem to allow you do that there, or buy a luggage tag through resell websites. Even if you live next door to a LV shop in US, sa there will not sell you a luggage tag unless you have purchased an item with a luggage tag in the past or if you are a vic. Cheapest option is obviously buy through resell websites for most people. Good luck.
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    I was aiming to purchase a Keepall Bandouliere 50 eventually. I may have to switch that to a 45 or 55 since my Speedy is in the damier ebene. I'll just have to be patient since my hubby hates to fly!
  4. There are cases of people being allowed to just buy a luggage tag, no questions asked. Your best bet is to ask for a luggage tag when you make your next boutique purchase. SAs are always more likely to bend the rules when you buy something. Good luck!
  5. I have been considering some SLGs. Hopefully that could work!
  6. I literally went in a store, asked if I could buy a luggage tag please for my Speedy B and they gave me one for 40€.. but as you mentioned, I‘m from Europe so maybe it‘s different here
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  7. Check out Tradesy's website. I've bought 3 or 4 from there all under $60 bucks. All authentic. LV hotstamped every single one for me. I live 20 minutes from LV and my store stamps while you wait. You could mail yours off for stamping if you buy pre loved OR make a day of it and drop it off and pick up later or have them mail it back to you. I have also purchased them from my store with no questions asked as far as owning a luggage piece but the stock is practically nonexistent. A relationship with an SA always helps.
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  8. I haven't used that site before. I'll keep a lookout. The only ones in the DE brown that I've seen today are $200+, but some previously sold are under $80. Thanks!
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  9. That is awesome, if I could be that lucky :smile:
  10. The SA at my store ordered me an ebene tag to make up for their not being able to directly hot stamp my Speedy B 25. It would have cost $60, but they waived the price due to all the confusing back and forth I went through with other SA's there. In the end, I prefer having the stamped tag like a charm!
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  11. I know! I've looked at the charms, but I really love how the stamped tags look!
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  12. I recently purchased my DE Neverful and asked about a luggage tag
    The SA told me if they have them in stock they can be purchased, so I had no problem purchasing and had it stamped with my initials
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  13. This x 1000
    If you make an ask in conjunction with a purchase, they will go out of their way to accommodate you.
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  14. Last week I passed by my local LV to look for a bag but they run out of stock of that particular model. I had a very pleasant talk with an SA I never met before an I asked him if they had any small luggage tags (i.e. the one that goes with the Melie) available to purchase. He went away to check and came back after a while saying “unfortunately we don’t have any small luggage tag available at the moment. So, to make it up for it, please accept this one as a gift”.
    I was pleasantly surprised!

    IMG_3785.jpg IMG_3786.jpg
  15. Luggage tags are often used as gifts because they are technically not an item in the catalog. I have gotten most of my tags gifted by my SA as well. It’s always a very nice gesture.
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