Luggage tag!

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  1. TPFers I need your opinion. Usually we can add our initial on it, according to you guys, is it ok for me to have luggage tag not with initial but nick name, all of my best friends call me STe so I really want to have STe on my luggage tag :P. Any opinion? Is it a good idea :tup: or the opposite? :tdown:

    Thank you ;)


  2. Well STe, I personally have nothing of mine personalized or stamped but if you are going to stamp your luggage tag I think a nick name is much nicer then just initials. "STe" would look pretty cool.

    Plus it would definitely be original :tup:.
  3. yeah why not?! do it!
  4. Of course, go for it!
  5. Go for it, I think its pretty unique!
  6. why not? ;)
  7. I think it's fine.
  8. Thank you guys. Thank you very much!

  9. STe, is the same as RCJ which I have on mine. I dont think they would be able to do the lowercased e though. Might have to deal with STE.
  10. I would do it!
  11. go for it!
  12. why not it's your tag just do what you want with it
  13. Do it!
  14. Sure, why not. BTW what does STe stand for if you dont mind saying? :smile:
  15. What does STe mean? And yes, you should go for it. :smile: