Luggage tag

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  1. Does anyone know how much a luggage tag cost at LV stores? I believe it's made of vachetta?

  2. Yep vachetta- no idea on price though- and it looks great when heatstamped!
  3. i bought some extras.. let me pull up the reciepts...

    ok, these prices are before the price increase. i bought these when in March 2005.
    - small $24
    - large $32.
  4. Do you know how much they charge for heat stamp ?
  5. Hey! Thanks for the info!!!! Heat stamping is free!
  6. heat stamping is a free service provided by the company. so is painting luggage and whatnot. :smile:

  7. What is "painting luggage"?
  8. putting your initials on it.
  9. painting luggage is when your initals or family coat of arms (if you have one) are painted on the luggage i though you had to pay for this service because its very detailed, artisitc and increadibly time consuming it will take lv a month at least if they have only your order!!! NOTE: only stiffened or structured luggage can have this service i.e. trunks where the tradition originated from i once saw a sac plat with the monolisa paited on it it looked increadibly tacky and the mono could barly been seen only from around the edge!!! you should only get small initials painted on or a logo/design that is personal to you i.e. family coat of arms on large trunks and dont over do it like the mona!!!
  10. Thanks! Obviously I don't have any luggage although I would love to! I have to wait until we are filthy rich and have our own airplane so that I don't have to check my LV luggage (which would make me paranoid the entire trip). Dreeeeaaam, dream, dream, dreeeeaam, ... :whistle:

    Does anyone know if you can buy a luggage tag from the Monogram Mini line for a Monogram Mini bag that doesn't normally come with one?

  11. Oooooo.... thanks for the explanation. A sac plat? Now that would look weird!
  12. your welcome, niether do i for the same reason, if you have seen someof the runway (particularly menswear) the bags sometimes have two diagonal stripes and the initals LV, you can buy the bags like that or have your personal initals painted but thats what it looks like for smaller things, i think you can aslo have it done on agends becuase they are kind stiff and they put the panda on it the same way?
  13. painting can also just be some colored stripes on the luggage. :smile: like two of your favorite colors/etc. they're supposed to make it easier for you to spot your luggage in the "sea of louis vuitton luggage coming off the donald trump private jet" or whatever. LOL. :roflmfao: right. cuz that happens in real life.

    but in all seriousness, you can get the painting of stripes and/or initials. :smile:
  14. panda and other LE's are applied using a silk screen technique with 33 colors. they're technically painted on, but not by hand... and you can't technically get a panda painted on now. that would be awesome though... getting like, one cherry blossom painted on the luggage corner.. oh how cute would that be!