Luggage tag price??

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  1. Hi all, just wondering how much is the small luggage tag in ebene (well I guess they are same price all)? Cant find that info so thanks for helping me out! :smile:
  2. I bought a large vachetta one for my NF GM last month and I think it was $57 maybe.... I think the smaller one was less. They have probably increased as of yesterday.
  3. 57$?? Nice, I def have to get one!! I thought they would be much more!
  4. They are quite cheap for LV prices. Also, they will heatstamp for free.
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    UK was £34 for large, not sure if the price increase affected them
  6. I just checked my receipt and it was $57 for the larger one. Had it hot stamped. So you can expect to pay less for the small one:smile:
  7. Do you just say that you want a tag or do you say that you have lost your and need a new? In Copenhagen LV store they said that they don't sell them separately :sad:
  8. I just told them that I wanted one to put on a NF that I already had. They know me though and I was also purchasing a Keepall for my husband..they hot stamped his tag and mine.
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    One SA told me that they don't sell them separately. I asked the manager and he said that's nonsense, they can be ordered separately. I had mine ordered in and it came in its own pouch with a sticker on it saying £34 so is clearly available for separate purchase - don't know why so many SA's don't know this!
  10. I was trying to find out this same thing yesterday and couldn't find the info on the website. Does anyone know the price of both the small and large in vachetta? Thanks!
  11. Small £32 i believe
    Large -£34
    Not available online - in store only and sometimes need to be ordered in
  12. Thank you for checking the price!
  13. Just got the small one for $55.
  14. I paid around $50.00 but that was a year ago...I love the luggage tags I have 4 of them
  15. anout 50-60$ before lates increase