Luggage tag - personalization question...

  1. I think I already know the answer, but just wanted to check...I purchased my Keepall from ELUX...and I believe I read that I can take it to the LV boutique - right now I am in MI, so over to Somerset and have the luggage tag - personalized with my initials. Do you think I will have any problem getting this done, should I bring my receipt from ELUX? Also, is there a charge for this - I thought it was FREE, even if I purchased it from ELUX - still free? Thanks!!
  2. you don't need a receipt. just bring the tag over there and tell them you want it heatstamped and they'll do it for you for free, regardless of where you got it. my Carryall came from eLuxury too, and i got the tag heatstamped at the Fifth Ave flagship in Manhattan
  3. Also, if you have a personalized luggage tag w/your initials - can you post photos - I'd love to see them before heading to the LV boutique after work - thanks!!!
  4. There should not be any problem at all.
    I just found out later that those tags can be personalized so one day I just took all my luggage tags to the LV store nearest to me and make them initialize all of them with different colors.
    Just make sure in advance that they have the machine since the smaller stores do not have the machine yet.
  5. here's mine:


  6. Thanks for posting your carryall - LVoe it!!! The did a nice job centering it and I like the gold tint....oh, what to do? I am having 2nd thoughts now - what if they screw up - and it's not centered, or the letters aren't even - i bought the keepall from ELUX -would they replace it if they screwed up? Hmmm....I did find the heatstamped club so I was able to see addl photos!!
  7. I think its hard to screw it up! They have special machine for it so it's perfect.
  8. I had three initials on my luggage tags. But yeah they cannot screw up. They have a setting for the tags.
    You can choose the color of the tint depending on the color of your tags.
    I had white tint on my black tags and they look pretty good too.
  9. I have 7 letters on a big one, so there may be a chance to get your entire name if it's not too long. ;) It looks amazing.
  10. yes it'll be free regardless! :smile:
  11. OT, Sandra that heatstamp on the carryall is HOT!!...............

    yes, it is free

  12. Not true, see my long thread about my heatstamping experience.
  13. Here's the tag from my Deauville:


    Ask to see samples of initials and colors.
  14. thanks :biggrin:!