Luggage tag on PopHaut, yay or nay?

  1. I am thinking of getting a luggage tag, heatstamping my initials, and hanging it from one of my PH's strap buckles....what do you think? Trying to add some visual interest, but not sure if it will hand nicely and look good...
  2. Personally, I say 'nay' - I think a luggage tag may look slightly out of place - but I can see why you'd consider it...

    I think if it's visual interest you're looking for, maybe you should try hanging an inclusion piece off it? Or what about one of their many other charms? I think a cles might hang nicely :yes: - plus it would also add a punch of colour/variety to the bags overall look :biggrin:
  3. ^^Agree... Buy a cute little charm, luggage tags look a bit weird IMO.
  4. It's a maybe for me--I would need to see it. I just ordered a luggage tag, and I haven't yet decided which bags I will hang it on..
  5. It would look ok as long if it is not the big tag.