luggage tag as a keychain?

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  1. i wonder is it ok to use the smallest LV luggage tag as a keychain?

    wonder will it be useful...:confused1:
  2. Cute idea! How much are these luggage tags?
  3. read its US$39 from the HeatStamp club

    heatstamping for the tag is free

    i think it can be attached to my keychain or used on its own...

    or buy it as a gift for a friend as a personalised gift from LV...
  4. i dont think it would work as a keychain.
  5. I would love to you one as a key chain.
  6. I think it would be ok, you might have to get a large key ring to put on it. I there are is a picture of Jessica using a mono bracelet as a key chain... I say go for it, if it doesnt work for you attach it to a bag.

  7. okie...i intend to get a large key ring from the stationary shop and attach my keys and the tag together

    would love to get it done soon so i can heat stamp my initials on the tag and smell the leather whenever i use my keys :p

    thanks :smile:
  8. Interesting idea....I have a Keepall and my luggage tag has been heat stamped with my initials.....just don't know that I would use it as a key chain though..interesting idea though! Maybe if it was a little smaller? Personally, I think it would be too big!
  9. Hmmm, never thought of that before. You'd definitely need a very big keyring to hold your keys. But it would be really cute as a huge "charm" and could help you find your keys easier I suppose. Post pics if you end up getting it... I'd love to know how it works!
  10. I bet it would be really cute!
  11. What a neat idea! :tup:
  12. Did you know that LV makes an address tag key holder in silver and gold ??

    Here it is:
  13. i bought the tag n added my keys

    its great! works well...cannot miss my keys...n the leather smells great :yahoo:

  14. Wow, that actually turns out pretty good! I think I'm gonna go buy it too, how much did the tag cost?
  15. its $62 singapore dollar... over US$30 i think...

    the leather smell is amazing...i am intoxicated by it. :drool:

    when i open up my bag...i can catch the smell of the tag... :nuts::heart:

    sorry for the blur pic..thats the best i can take from my camera phone

    its really useful for me ... i can live without my hp but not without my keys .. hehe...:yes: