luggage striping and personalization on display.

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  1. Me too, love to see a pic
  2. i cannot really imagine how that looks :confused1:
  3. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting-I've been taking in all the good info for about a month now and I thought it was time to chime in because I am so intrigued by the mono painting. I called the two boutiques that I have shopped at before, neither really knew much about it but the sa at one gave me the customer service 800 #. I called, and the lady on the phone wasn't even sure about it so she put me on hold for several minuetes. She came back and said that they would paint all hard luggage and some soft bags-including the speedy. They have several crests, letters, colors and designs to chose from and you take them to the leather goods manager at your local boutique. They will send the bag off which takes 6-10 weeks. She also said the fee was $150-$300 depending on what you got on the bag! I thought that was pretty steep for a 2x2 painting.
  4. ohh reminds me of Goyard...
  5. Wow, now I suddenly have a reason for buying monogram canvas again. XD This sounds really cool. Does anyone know where they'll do it in Europe? (probably Paris).
  6. omg can someone pleeease photoshop a speedy with a stripe or crown?
  7. is this anything like what i have seen on vintage trunks?
  8. from what my SA told me it's only allowed on the hard luggage/trunks and it's complimentary. she said they do crests etc but that it is NOT ALLOWED on anything soft. it is too hard to do as it is not structured. i will ask again when i go in friday night but she and i talked about it for a while and i remember her saying that it's only the hard luggage. she is a manager btw.
  9. what about on a luggage tag?
  10. I'D LOVE to have something done! I wonder if they will paint something a little bigger on it than 2 x 2. Umm don't you think it would chip fairly easily?
  11. oh, more info please! that would spice my 11 year old speedy up REAL nice!
  12. I saw the "cube" with all the possible combinations in the Carmel by the Sea CA store.
    My husband is going to groom his agenda,and I think I am going to just hot stamp my shelton since I have decided I am not selling it (sentimental value).
  13. it would look like the stripes from the groom pices but in paint...
  14. I would like my family crest on something but i don't know if i want to get that attention. Once somebody ask if there was a tweety in my ring :wtf: