luggage striping and personalization on display.

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  1. Valley Fair had panels showing the painting on the luggage. Judging from the Christmas invite, it looks like they are going to start being more agressive in offering this (yes, I know it's always been available).

    Do other stores have this out?

    Do you like it? Would you consider it?
  2. I want to have this done eventually. My SA told me about it months ago and I think the tiara/crown would be very cute on a Mono Speedy. Step one for me would be buying a Mono Speedy. LOL. The process would take several weeks and they would send it to either Beverly Hills or New York.

    Are you thinking about it, Mary?
  3. I am not sure if I like it, part of me does...but I was looking at it closely and am not sure, it looks a bit 'rough' to me. :shrugs:

    Would be unique. I am always up for unique ;) I would love it on something small to start...I wish they would do that, but know they don't.
  4. When I inquired about it with the manager, she said that they suggest to personalize the iconic bags and luggage pieces but are willing to customize other Mono bags. Which piece would be ideal for you?
  5. Oooh sounds intriguing!!

    Is there anywhere to see these designs online?? The tiara/crown sounds TDF!!
  6. What is this crown/tiara that you keep talking about Michelle? Sounds interesting...
  7. When my SA told me about this painting/personalizing service, she showed me all the different designs and colors that were available. Letters, numbers, stripes, crests and crowns. I expressed interest in the crown because I thought the other designs were kind of dull. I eventually want to get a crown painted on a Mono Speedy, I think it will be so cute. :queen:
  8. ^what is the process/fee for this??

    I am intrigued!! Are the designs available to be seen in-store only?
  9. Both the manager and my SA were unsure about the fees. From what I was told you can personalize iconic Mono bags and luggage pieces. Since, I don't have a Mono Speedy, I would need to buy one then keep it unfolded to ensure the creases disappeared, then bring the bag back to LV. They would then send it out to either LA or New York to have it painted. The design would be painted on the bottom right corner and be fairly small. The process will take several weeks-even months.

    My store had tons of information on this service in a binder and even had a picture of the final product. I think it's really neat. I am not a fan of Mono Speedies *gulp* but, for something like this I would make an exception. :smile:
  10. If you have a Le Catalogue, I THINK they mention it.
  11. ^I will have to ask at my boutique!! Sounds soooo pretty! Thanks for the info:smile:
  12. I don't know, lol....that's the problem.
  13. Really..I was there like last week and didn't see it..was it on Soft or Hard Luggage?
  14. i want it done on my desk agenda! i asked about it and they (SCP store) thought i was talking about heat stamping, which they did anyway haha.. but they didn't really brush up on it. i still want it on my desk agenda. in pretty colors. yum.
  15. anyone has a pic??? i would love to see it