Luggage Size help--- Heys brand spinner

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  1. Do you think a 21" hard shell luggage from Heys brand would be enough for a girl ;) on a 3 and half day trip? Or should I get the 25-26" size. I don't want it to be too big, but I also don't want to not have enough room for my clothes/shoes..
  2. it all depends on what kind of packer you are. Do you tend to overpack or pack exactly what you need with maybe 2-3 pieces extra?

    Will you have a carry-on or extra piece or is everything going in the 1 piece?
  3. I will probably check the bags, because I always have to take a train case for all my toiletries. I'll be going to San Antonio, so I won't have to pack too heavy I.e. boots and coats. But...I'm sure I'll have several pairs of heels etc
    Ummmm... Probably should go with the larger.
  4. If you plan outfits ahead of time and pack efficiently a 21" is more than enough, especially if you won't be putting your toiletries in it.