Luggage Micro or Mini??

  1. Prefer the Mini on you! Micro would look a bit squared off if its too stuffed with things. :biggrin:
  2. Wow thats a really gorgeous Python the color of this Navy?
    I prefer the Mini size on you!
  3. Python looks amazing!
  4. Like the mini because of the color and skin. However, I am around the same height and I much prefer the micro because it's more functional to me. I find the mini too big that I had to sell it after. But it all depends on what you carry in it and if you like to walk around with big bags. I find the micro is about the same size as the Kelly 32 which I love the size.
  5. Really?! I have the K32 and I LOVE the size! Not too big and not too deep! Frankly my only complain about the Mini is that it's too deep! I find 12" width is good but 7" depth is way too deep IMO. I don't like my bag with too much depth.
  6. I think I may be in the minority on this one but I think the Micro size looks much better with your petite frame! But, if you're looking to load up the bag with stuff for the kids then the Mini may be a better choice. So I vote for Mini when your with the kids and Micro for an everyday, chic bag. However, the color of the mini in the pic is TDF! If this is the one you're thinking about go for it!
  7. Love the mini python on you!
  8. GenieBottle26: Where I am located, I will never be deemed as "petite"! Loads of 5 footers around me :p

    I agree that Mini is good as a tote and the Micro has a chic handbag.

    ARGH.. decisions decisions decisions... but then again.. nothing is available for me now. :roflmfao:

    I guess I gotta see what comes my way.
  9. Mini looks great on you
  10. In addition to what anika01 said I also have to add that the mini just stands out more on you. Probably a combination of the exotic finish and color (blue is one of my favorite colors).

    That being said, your current collection (as listed) suggests that overall, you tend to go for smaller to medium sized bags over larger bags, right? If that's the case then maybe the micro would be preferable for you. Its a lovely bag and since your child is 4, you may not have to carry too much stuff anymore, making the micro a good fit.

    Good luck with your decision, you look fab with either bag!
  11. The mini python looks gorgeous!
    The red micro is really cute as well...
    I guess it depends on whether you would want to use it as a daily bag, since the python is not as easy to maintain as the regular leather.
    But if maintenance is not a concern, then definitely get the mini!
  12. Thanks everyone for their comments.

    I am not buying either of the above. I only carried it for size reference. The Micro is not for sale as the boutique want to keep for customers (like myself) to see and try the size. The exotic is O_O to me. I prefer similar bags, simple leather, and single color.

    Aluxe: You are quite right that I tend to prefer small-medium size bags as I don't really carry that many things around. I have a Neverfull and 2 Longchamps that I uses when I need to carry more things as I need a lighter one for a fuller bag. Otherwise the bag will weigh a ton!

    I guess I will probably go for a Micro.. or just carry a Mini with minimal stuff to keep it "light". But ultimately I have to see what comes my way. It's sooooo hard to find a Luggage now. :roflmfao:
  13. Although you seem to have made up your mind, I highly recommend the mini! I'm petite and 5'3 however I love the capacity of the mini, even if you don't carry a lot it allows for a4 papers, a pair of heels etc. I see women carry the micro and it seems SO tiny in comparison...
  14. I would definitely choose the mini. The luggage is designed as a tote and I think the micro might look a tad too small on you. Good luck either way and hope your hands on one soon!!!
  15. go for the mini