Luggage Micro or Mini??

  1. Which size will you recommend for someone who is 5'7" (170cm) in height? I went to our local store and looked at both bags. The SA serving me wasn't the friendliest and patient so I quickly took a picture with both bags and promptly left.


    Which size do you think is better for me? I normally carries my wallet, cardholder, a packet tissue and phone(s). But with my children I will pack more (eg water bottle, spare change of clothes for my 4YO etc).

    As of now my bag family consists of a Hermes Kelly 32, 3 Balenciaga Cities, Balenciaga PT, Balenciaga Velo, Balenciaga First, 2 Chanel Jumbos, 1 Miu Coffer, 1 BV New Ball and 1 BV Medium Veneta.

    Do you think the Celine Luggage will be a good addition?

  2. The mini looks gorgy on you!
  3. I looove the Mini on you! :heart:
    Looks better in my opinion :smile:
  4. i am standing at 168cm and i chose the mini instead!
    Although it's heavier and not limited like the micros.
    You can put more of your children' stuff with the mini too! :smile:
  5. I think both work well on you. I'm leaning more towards the mini though because it looks like you can pull it off well.
  6. The mini looks great on you!
  7. You are tall so whatever size will goes well with you it seems. But the micro looks very cute and lovely ;))
  8. Mini are more chic and popular! Go for it
  9. get the Mini! :smile:
    it looks good on you! plus you have a 4 yr old, im sure you bring a lot of extra stuff for your kid!
    just be prepared to carry a heavy bag... i have a micro and don't stuff it much, but it can still get heavy... but very pretty!!!

    goodluck deciding!
  10. mini
  11. My vote is the mini as well! Is that a croco in navy?? It's GORGEOUS!!!
  12. mini! you rock both, but mini looks better!
  13. Definitely love the mini on you. Also because it's such an amazing color too. But the red micro is also a cutie! Decisions, decisions! :biggrin:
  14. I think it's snake.
  15. Thanks everyone for their recommendation.. I can't decide!!!