Luggage...I'm stuck!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have two luggage pieces on my wishlist. I need thwm to be carry on size because I refuse to check LV anything. I know that I want the damier keepall 50. Is this carry on? I have the epi keepall 45 and it seems pretty big. I've never used it so I have no experience with carrying it on board. The other piece that I want is the Sirius, again I'm not sure which size is carry on appropriate but I think it is the 45. Now here is my problem. I have the Mono Bequia porte document geant in the burgundy color, which I was going to sell, since I have never used it. I took it out today to look at it, and take pictures of it to post on eBay or something. I decided it might make a good luggage piece. Oh boy, I'm dragging this out, sorry. To the point...Should I forgo the Siruis and keep the Mono Bequia or should proceed to sell it and buy the Sirius? TIA
  2. I'd keep the PDG. You won't have to worry about vachetta and SOOOO stylish!
  3. Thanks John, you don't think that its too masculine? I'm a small girl 5'3. I know it was meant as a man bag but I'm now thinking it makes a killer luggage
  4. The mono bequia is nice but my SA and I agreed that it's definitely an odd size- generally too big as a daily bag but just a bit too small as a travel bag. It's really dissapointing because it's a stunning bag and I'd seriously consider geting it if it was bigger. However the Sirius 45 isn't much larger so you might as well keep the PDG instead- much more rare and the leather trim is gorgeous.

    As for the Keepall you could definitely do a 50- I generally use a 50-sized duffle on commuter flights without a problem and have used a 60-sized Burberry Keepall-style bag on flights to Hawaii without incident. For you size I think a 50 would be an excellent choice for all occasions.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm going on a few weekend trips these coming months, and I'm traveling overseas in the summer, so the luggage pieces got bumped up on the wishlist. I am really excited about getting the PDG now, I initially got it because I had never seen that trim on mono before. I was going to sell, but I am definitely keeping it so that means Sirius is off the list and Keepall 50 here I come!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  6. I think that most airlines accept up to 55cm in length! so with the 50 you're good to go...literally
    but why return the PDG..such a great bag...
    good luck...
  7. Keep PDG!!! You can use 50 without any problems.
  8. I'm confused. You can only take one carry on at a time, right? I love the 50 keepall - that would be my choice, in Damier!
  9. I would check the dimensions against the carry on limits of one of the European carriers to make sure what their limits are. For an American carrier the 50 is fine, but i had to pay $$$ money to check my carry on a European airline.....they are much stricter, even weighing the carry-on
  10. The PDG is definitely a killer luggage piece - I totally agree with you on that!!! As for the Keepall - I have the 50 and I use it constantly on trips/flights!!! :tup:
  11. Just wanted to thank everyone for all of your input and advise. I love this forum. I have decided to keep the PDG especially since it is the burgundy one. I would post pics, but I don't know how to resize.
  12. You have to keep the Porte Document Geant! - I have it and I love it!

    I would get an additional carry-on - The 60 and under are all cabin approved, depending on the airline. Newer planes allow this size carry-on and an additional item, such as a laptop case or handbag.

    Call the airline PRIOR to going to the airport to make sure that they allow a regulatory approved sized carry on and a personal item. Make sure to ask the allowed dimensions of the carry-on and ask the aircraft model (So you can research it yourself).

    Airline reps usually cannot tell you up from down - On a past fight I was told that I could have one carry on and one personal item, this was by a gate agent. I went to board the plane and this same girl said "You need to check that bag" - I had a Pegase 50 and a Soft Briefcase. I said to her "You told me that I could have one carry-on and one personal item. She then SCREAMED at me "THEY ARE BOTH BAGS". So I glared at her and proceeded to board the plane, I got to my seat and went to put the Pegase in the overhead and it would not fit.. So I took the expensive contents out and put them into my partners carry on. They took the Pegase and checked it, luckily, it was fine, but I have learned to check these things myself.

    It's not pleasant being told that you need to check an expensive piece of luggage while attempting to board a plane.
  13. I have NEVER had a carry-on weighed on any International flight (or any domestic). Which airline was this?? I would love to know so I can avoid them!! =)
  14. You can generally take 2 carry-ons as one is classified as a "Personal Item" - As long as it fits in the "Bin" - Some airlines are critical about this than others. However, in North Carolina - This is often not the case (Especially flying out of Raleigh/Durham) I have experienced the same at Charlotte/Douglas when flying domestically, but they are great Internationally. Many of the planes are older and the overhead space is limited, so you can have one carry-on (if it actually fits) and depending on the airline, a personal item that they would prefer to fit under the seat. Though flying Continental out of C/D My Sister was requested to either check her carry-on or her purse (A Keepall 45 and a Manhattan GM) - We refused and stuffed her purse into her carry-on.

    I hate flying out of North Carolina for this reason.. That and the fact that "First Class" doesn't mean a thing. However, the airport in Raleigh has a nice Spa incase your flight is every delayed... :tup:

    Air travel is miserable since 9/11 - So many regulations, many of them completely absurd and useless.
  15. A Pegase 50 wouldn't fit? Must've been a tiny plane- the only airline I've ever been on where I've had to use a smaller bag was Horizon.

    Never flown out of NC myself, but I generally like DFW- American has really convenient Admiral's Clubs by most gates. But my local airport is really pathetic- depite the fact that virtually every major airline flies into SMF, we don't have even one longue (though Cinnabon usually takes away the frustration :p).