Luggage Help!!

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  1. Where are some good places to look for very durable luggage that won't break the bank? So far I've looked on and, but I dont see any reviews on durability or satisfaction anywhere :[ Help Ladies! I'm flying down to Orlando next weekend (and this summer I need enough luggage space to fit 3 months worth of "supplies" lol), and I'm still contemplating what I want to use as a carry on bag :[ Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. There should be customer reviews on ebags, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. I purchased some Atlantic Luggage that has been very durable, I travel a lot. Travelpro is a good line with a range of prices. Baggalini makes a really nice carryon. The Baggalini line is designed by flight attendants. All of these lines are available on ebags.

    Do you have an outlet mall near you, if so there might be a Samsonite outlet store where you can get a good deal.
  3. Thank you & yes there are a lot of stores around here, I wasnt sure I'd be able to go before next weekend though. I will be checking again, and I'll definitely check into Baggalini, that sounds very interesting. I saw some Atlantic Luggage! I liked it. So either that or have you heard of Heys? I have a large black case by them that seems to be holding up, but I couldnt find the same line (Ballistic, I think) online.
  4. I have heard of Heys but I have never seen any IRL only on ebags. I think the hardside bags are kind of cute and I love the colors.
  5. If you have any outlet centers near you I'd try there first. At Woodbury Commons in New York there is a Hartman outlet. I've bought several pieces of luggage there. The durability of Hartman luggage is fantastic.
  6. I always use my Nike duffel bag as a carry on. It's pretty big and very durable. I've had mine forever - 7 years ?? - and nothing's broken.

    I'm not sure if you meant a bag as a carry on or those hard rolling pully mini suitcases, though.
  7. If you can't get to an outlet TJ Maxx and Marshalls always have inexpensive name brand luggage and often in great colors that really stand out. You don't have to spend a fortune on luggage if you are a casual traveler. Pick a name there you've heard of and check the features to see if it will work for you. We have Atlantic and it has taken a beating all over Europe and on cruises. We've also used Samsonite.
  8. you can usually find some excellent samsonite deals at a tj maxx or marshals if you don't mind getting a color other than black. i always use a herve chapelier tote as a carry on since they're water proof (in case turbulance spills a drink) and they zip all the way across the top (in case it falls over). they're about $100.
  9. I travel quite a bit, and love my Travelpro suitcase. I wanted to get a cute suitcase, but my DH told me that the cute ones are the first to get stolen, so I got a plain black. I love is functional, sturdy, and discreet!! To keep it apart from the other black suitcases on the baggage can put a colored luggage band around it. Anyway....hope my opinion helps....:smile:
  10. on the subject of keeping your bag distinct, i found a good way - i had to travel a lot in high school for debate team, and we used fluourescent pipe cleaners to wrap around the handles - they work quite well! black samsonite can be such a pain at baggage claim.
  11. I would suggets going to a have a Neiman Marcus Last Call store. They have great Hartman luggage there in different shapes and colors half off.
  12. Thank you so much for helping! lol That advice about cute suitcases being the first to get stolen I will remember, because I actually thought about getting 'cute' luggage. I know better now lol And I'm going to take your advice on the color band because MAN! SO MANY times have I stood waiting for my luggage only to keep eyeing the wrong one -_- I'm afraid one day I might walk out with someone elses!
  13. EXCELLENT IDEA! I actually have some green pipe cleaner around here somewhere so that would be perfect (esp. since I cant remember why I bought it in the first place, I think maybe scrapbooking project? So its best to put it to some use lol)! Thanks Amanda!
  14. Thanks selaineg! I hadnt thought about Neiman Marcus.
  15. Yea, that totally sucks. There's nothing I want more than matching LV luggage, but they'd probably get stolen even if I just blinked my eyes.

    Remember how Tara Reid had her purse/carry on stolen at the airport and it was filled with $180,000 of her jewelry. She didn't put it in her luggage cuz she was afraid it would get lost that way. Poor, poor, silly girl.