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  1. I need help with choosing onboard luggage bag. Options are..
    Keepall 60, sirius 55, cruiser bag or Hermes HAC birkin. I want something that would be able to fit 3, 40cm Hermes birkins and 1 other bag. Any idea which one would be the best? Thanks :smile:
  2. I have no idea what would fit 3 40cm birkins along with another bag. A Keepall 60, is 60cm long. I doubt that it would hold 3 Birkins. A Sirus 55 is only 55cm long, & I doubt that it would hold them either. A HAC Birkin probably wouldnt hold them either, as the come in a max of 50cm (I think). What is a cruiser bag? What about a large hard LV suitcase? They come in a max size of 80cm I believe. I'd take them all to an LV store if necessary to find the best one! :smile: Good luck!
  3. No I like to travell onboard with them, This is the cruiser bag. I have attached a picture. Thanks!:smile:

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  4. 3 40 cm Birkins!?!? And another bag!? I don't think any bag would be able to fit those and would still be an appropriate size for a carry on. The Keepall 60 is out of the question because it's too big to carry-on. The maximum size for a cabin sized Keepall is the 55. A Cruiser 55 might fit 2 Birkin, but the handles might get a little squished. (I think that they discontinued this size...don't quote me though.)A travel sized (45 cm or larger) HAC might fit 2 40cm Birkin staggered (one right side up and the other placed upside down), but not much more. Also they are very heavy; I was shown a 50 cm HAC at Hermès before and its a good 10 or 11 lbs. empty. Mayber consider a Longchamp Le Pliage?
  5. I'm with Euroaddict, I don't think any LV would (that's cabin size) hold all of them.
  6. ^^And I agree w/ euroaddict and berrycraig. The only luggages available in LV that would fit your bags are sizes 65 or 70 such as: Sirius 70, Bisten 65 or 70 or higher, Alzer 65 or 70 or higher, Pegase 70, etc. Unfortunately, none of these are carry-on items.
  7. I don't think you are allowed to carry that many bags. 40cm Birkins are heavy (even when unfilled) and most airlines impose a 7-10kg weight limit for carry on items.