Luggage Help-Vera Bradley

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  1. I see so many girls carrying the large cotton duffel bags at train stations and in airports. How handy are they? Is it safe to check them, or should I carry it on? I'm thinking of getting one for my upcoming trip to Alaska in July. Does anyone recommend them?

    Here is a picture of the bag:

  2. They, like Le Sport Sac bags, should be used as carry ons. They'll be roughly picked up by the handles, and they could rip with enough force. If you use them properly, they should last until you're sick of them.
  3. Thanks! I appreciate the info.
  4. These bags are definitely carry on only. They're just fabric, after all, so are susceptible to tearing. They'd get filthy in the luggage hold, too. If you're really worried about ruggedness, I'd pass on this and go for a nylon version. If you're happy using it as a carry on, you'll probably like it fine.
  5. I agree...definitely carry on. I use a regular rolling suitcase to check in, but occasionally a Vera bag to lug my purse and other essentials on trips.