luggage for a couple of days away

  1. keepall, cabas alto, excursion, or other? recommendations?
  2. Pegase, Satellite, Sirius, Alize, Evasion.
  3. carryall! the best luggage ever! lol (bias cos i have one)
  4. Oh, there are so many:
    -Sac Chasse
    -Alma Voyage
    -Cruiser 45
  5. If I'm going on an overnight trip, I'll just put some things in my Cabas Mezzo..but if I'm going away for a weekend, I'll use my Mezzo for my laptop and put my clothes in my Keepall 50.
  6. Sac Squash
  7.'s like word association!!! I wanna play...conquerant, sac bosphore, seleya mm
  8. Grimaud, my favourite ! :yes:


    (or the Alma Voyage, the most underappeciated Alma ever !)
  9. how about the Carryall? it's my favorite piece of luggage after the Pegase:tender:
  10. thank you, tpfers! there are quite a few suggestions i've never heard of- but really like! if one is not on elux, can you call and order it anyway? i don't know how that works. thanks again!
  11. call the 866 and they'll ship one from the nearest store to you :yes:
  12. thanks! do you know how much the carryall is? that's a nice size bag for me...
  13. i think $1000. since it's not on eLuxury right now, you can call the 866 and ask them
  14. Monogram Canvas Carryall- $1,000
    Tobago Carryall- $1,850
  15. id get an epi keepall.. they are tooo die for!!