Luggage and travel questions

  1. I'm going to do a bit of traveling in the next year by boat, air, and car and I have some questions.

    1. Currently I use the pegase 60, a white MC keepall, Trousse Toilette and the Pochette Cosmétique....Should I sell the Trousse Toilette and the Pochette Cosmétique and get a Deauville or Trouville?

    2. If you say I should get a Deauville or Trouville; which one of these should I get?

    3. If you say I should get a Trouville should I get the MC to match the keepall or the classic monogram to match the pegase?

    4. If flying could I bring the trouville or deauville on the plane with me if I'm also using the pegase? (I always see people with their roller suitcase and then a vanity/HBA sitting on the top of the suitcase, but I want to be sure!! I would NEVER check my LV!!!)

    Thank You!!
  2. 1. If you are using Deauville/ Trouville, Pegase 60 and white MC Keepall at the same time, you will have to check in your pegase, cos you know that you can have one luggage and a carry on on board. So I don't see why you need to carry another extra.

    2. If it's for replacement of toiletry/cosmetic bags, then Trouville that is.

    3. I don't see why not get the MC one to match your Keepall.

    4. Yes, you may use your Trouville/Deauville as a personal item and Pegase 60 as carry-on luggage.

  3. I have wanted a trousse for a WHILE! To put inside my carryon just incase my luggage was lost and I had no emergency things. I like the idea of the Deauville, it is larger but I can see where you would want to get the Trouville to match your keepall 45. I believe you can bring the Pegase with you, then it goes in the overhead compartment and then the deauville or trouville, which ever you decide can go with you but the last time I flew (March) I was told 2 pieces, a carry on and then a purse... I would check with the airline because some are different. If you really want something different then sell them and get the Deauville or Trouville but stick it inside the keeapll 45 which I am assuming is your carry on piece like my black one is! :smile:

    I'm from Michigan too!! Somerset is LOVE!! Who is your SA!!?
  4. Sorry I forgot to mention when I fly I do not use the white MC keepall, it would get to dirty. I don't fly that much maybe 1 time per year, but I'm constently traveling in boats and cars!

    Mattd7474: I :heart: :heart: :heart: somerset!!! My SA is Alexandria (Dria) at Saks and Shane at the store, how about you?
  5. Ohhhh, I don't either. My black one is a year old and just got used for the first time in March 06!! poor thing! I only shop at the store, and Shawn is my main SA there, I think he is HOT!! lol ;) Mike is HOT too the new tall guy.... mmmmmm... but I will deal with anyone but 90% is Shawn. We will have to go one day and shop
  6. Shawn is a sweetheart and not bad on the eyes AT ALL:yes: I've only seen mike one time and It was only for a quick second. Maybe we've been in the store before and have never known it, how crazy is that!!! We will have to go and shop together one day! I never have anyone to LV shop with none of my friends get into purse shopping and my BF, well I don't ask him because then he'll know how much it all cost:lol: (like he dosn't already but he's a sweetie and dosen't mention a word)
  7. personally, i'd keep the small pouches... you never know when you'd be needing them ;) and then go for a Deauville. the Trouville is very cute, but the Deauville is much more practical. go for Monogram Canvas or better yet, special order one in mocha Epi! i've never been a fan of Multicolour (bever have, never will). jmho :smile:
  8. I think it's alright to sell the 2 cosmetic cases for a bag. And if I had to choose between the deauville and trouville, I'd definitely say go with the deauville. It's bigger, and since you're travelling, it's always better to have more carrying space than less.

    And I think it would be fine to carry the deauville onto the plane if you're using a Pegase.

    Enjoy your trips! :smile:
  9. Does the Pegase 60 fit overhead? I love the luggage but wouldn't want to check it! Not that I travel often myself...I have the Nice beauty case and only bring that when we don't' fly because I don't want to check it, and don't want to carry it on! I like the Deauville a lot.
  10. I think you would have to check in the pagases
  11. I read it quickly so blahh -- Sell those two lil things to get a TROUVILLE, but if you get it in MONO, it has the lil places to put bottles and what not, but if its in MC, its an actual handbag with no divider things? IMO get the MC TROUVILLE, so it matches your keepall, and thats cute ;] and when you travel.. um im not sure bout question 4.. but if you take the Trouville, say its your purse, because it is a purse =]