Luelle Gisele Bag.

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  1. Can anyone in here tell me where I can by a Luella Gisele bag? I have fallen in love with this bag, and will now see what it's price is, colours etc.

    Does any of you own this bag, and want to make a comment? :smile:

    Hope for your help girls.
  2. And maybe some of you could find one at :smile:
  3. I had one a long time ago, they went on sale here in the US. I'm not sure they made new ones for this season since I haven't been keeping up but the last place I saw them was the NM last call outlet.
  4. i had a luella giselle bag. i've sold mine though as i rarely used it. while i like the style, i find the bag heavy and a hassle to get in and out things (esp. with young kids). i paid £515 for mine a few years ago.
  5. Oh.. And one more thing, i would love it if it was the one in large.. Hih..
  6. It should be possible to buy it online? Have been told that they are not for sale here in DK..

    Is it very heavy?
  7. The bag itself is pretty heavy, if you dont mind its pretty cute. Did you check eBay yet? I think a lot of people are willing to ship international.
  8. I dont think I mind. I loooove the design, so I think I can live with it. :p
    I have looked at ebay yes, but isn't there fakes of this bag on ebay too? Im så affraid to buy a fake bag. :sweatdrop:
  9. I'm sure someone can help you authenticate here :smile: If you find one just make sure the seller is reputable.
  10. Reputable? Im sorry, im not sure i know what you mean.. :blush: And it would be the first time that i buy something at ebay. :sweatdrop:

    Here is some bags i have looked at. Yes, i love pink. Hih.

    Im not sure if all of them are the large version? But these are the ones that i looked at.
  11. How about Do you want a pink one? I think there's one in Yahoo! Auctions Hong Kong right now... I wanted it but I wanted a red one though..
  12. The last two links do not look good to me.
  13. I know the Browns boutique (which has an online presence and ships internationally) used to stock a lot of Luella. I don't think the Gisele is current but they might be able to help/have some old stock/advice - perhaps worth a try?
  14. is it really heavy?? My problem with my luella before is that I'm having hassles to get in and out of things too!