1. looking for luella bag -- anyone know of one availiable???
  2. Do you mean the brand Luella? If so,, carry them. I know that has some on sale--not sure what style you want though...
  3. Yes I mean the luella giselle (sp??) I would before to get one at a really good discounted price -- so even a used someone might have up on ebay >
  4. Hi thanks -- but I dont think they ship to the UK

    Wow I just checked that link that was an awsome deal !!!!
  5. Oh, I'm sorry kimmy! :sad2: If it was really what you wanted, I would have been more than happy to mail it to you. Didn't know you were looking for a Luella.
  6. No problem :biggrin: I just decided that I may get myself one, if I find a good deal --- i actually always liked the quilted ones LOL
  7. Luisa via Roma had some on sale 50% off Italian retail (30% less than US retail), but I'm not sure how many are left. They have some spring ones now, you will save some $ by buying from there even with the shipping and customs if they have the model you are looking for. Good luck!
  8. Here is one that is on sale at
  9. You can also check the NM last calls, they had the Giselles a while back.
  10. They have a couple hunter green Gisele's on Bluefly too. I would also try NM store in Fashion Valley, I saw a bunch of black baby gisele's and large ones for sale not too long ago. They were being sold for around $450 for the large. Like Noriko said, they might have been pushed to Last Calls by now, so they may be even cheaper.