luella vs. mulberry

  1. which do you girls like more? some of their bags look similar.
  2. I totally prefer Mulberry.
  3. While I like some Luella bags, I think you get a better value with Mulberry for the long haul.
  4. mulberry allll the way man.
  5. i have started another post for the following question, but since noone has answered it. I will ask in here. where can i buy mulberry beside Saks and Barneys?
    they dont really have very lasrge selection. also, any mulberry reputable ebay sellers?
  6. Okay, I love them both equally but I'm just going to say Luella because I wanted that one with the green apples all over it so bad, lol.

    Online, I know Net-A-Porter sells some Mulberry. I dont know about reputable eBay sellers though.
  7. I :heart: my Mulberry Bayswater! So definitely Mulberry anyday over Luella:biggrin:
  8. definitely luella. i doubt anything will ever replace my luella aviator tote in my heart. that bag is amazing. she has a few out there designs that aren't really my taste, but whenever i see something i like from luella, i really love it.
  9. Definitely Mulberry.
  10. Mulberry is more classic to me plus the quality of the leather is superb.
  11. Mulberry! sells mulberry on line, and I think you can order online directly from as well. I would say BEWARE of mulberry from ebay, it's swamped with fakes - 95% fakes at least - you really need to know what you are buying to get it from ebay. That said, there are some reputable sellers that do sell mulberry from time to time, but I don't know of anyone who has a big selection or sells mulberry exclusively.
  12. Another vote for Mulberry.
  13. Nordstom and NM also carries them.
  14. My Luella Giselle bag weighs a ton and is a pain to get in and out of.
  15. Major Mulberry fan. I adore my Roxy and the leather is amazing!.