Luella Stevie bag - too heavy??

  1. Ok ladies - which one of you has a Luella Stevie handbag?? I ordered mine online so I couldn't really test how extremely heavy it is - and I haven't even put anything in it yet!!
  2. i have the petrol one and is not very heavy, just a bit, but that's completely leather, while this one has some canvas....
    it's completely beautiful,love this new collection!!!:love:
  3. I had to sell my chloe paddy bag because it was too heavy - not necessarily right when I used it, but after toting it around town all afternoon, I noticed that the back of my neck and upper arm were feeling pinched because of the weight of the bag on my arm. sounds weird I know, but my balenciaga and botkier bags (favorites right now) are super light and probably spoiling me.
  4. I bought one from the a dear forum member chigirl when the Marketplace was intact. I LOVE my Stevie.

    Sure, its heavier than a balenciaga bag, but then so is a plastic carrier bag! LOL. Its a comfortable bag and fits everything. I lurrrvee it!
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