Luella Question - SOS


Feb 1, 2006
Hello, I bought a Luella Gisele recently which I was told was a hunter green but when I received the bag, it looks like light black to me. The label says 049 Khaki. Does anyone know what color is 049 Khaki for the Gisele? I really can't tell if my bag is black or a very dark green. Thank you!!
Here's a picture of a Luella Gisele 049 Khaki. It looks like super dark with green undertones to me based on the numerous pictures I see.

I don't own this color so I can't tell you, but atleast the pictures should help.

I may even try calling NM or Saks and ask them to verify. From pictures of Bluefly, the hunter green looks pretty much the same tone as the ones above.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Dang the Bluefly picture didn't go up. I will post it here in a second.


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