Luella Purple Quilted "Boxy" Bag

  1. Yea or nay on this one guys? Lovely or too much?


    £445.00 ($834)

    I think I like this one. :smile: I'm not sure if it would be better w/out the ribbon on the chain, though.
  2. No pic but I love love love Luella bags :heart: Nearly bought one and then I discovered it was real python, and declined. I've yet to see a single one I don't fancy though.
  3. I think it's cute, but it would really be nice if those chains in the front were gone.
  4. Alternative styles of the quilted line...

    Missy Satchel


    Missy E/W Satchel

  5. DEAR LORD I can see the picture now, it is stunning. Yes, yes, yes! Buy it!
  6. ^ :biggrin:

    The more I see it the more I like it too! I got the pic from the Luella site, though. I wonder if they ship to the States?
  7. I think it's lovely. Especially in the purple color! Goes so well with the black handles. And the chains! It's really feminine, but kinda edgy at the same time.
  8. The chain reminds me of proper punks that joined their nose rings to their earrings :biggrin:
  9. Lol! It does at that. Reminds me of my old TA who used to be a punk kid in the early 80s... He used to go on to us about the Raincoats and X-Ray Specs. Now he's all buttoned-up and nostalgic. :P

    The bag has that kind of a vibe to me, w/ that proper/punk dichotomy kind of...