Luella, Need info about!

  1. I have the Luella large Giselle in lavender and it is torture to wear due to it's heaviness and accessability.
  2. But the Giselle is sooo pretty!
  3. I don't know anything about Luella bags, but I do know that that ebay auction is fake. 75% off? And the tag hanging from it looks suspicious too.
  4. I think since she started selling her line at Target that changed everything.
  5. I really don't know much about the carmen, but I have the same tag (pink with a white sticky label with the details) on my Suzi from NM. However, you might want to wonder about the strap.. the NM picture doesn't have lilac material threaded through the chains, but the seller's picture does.
  6. I just noticed that, Nor the heart tags hanging from the front. Herr personnal pic is different from the one she stole from NM.
  7. If you like Luella, you may be in luck. The NM purse guy says the trend kind of came and went, so if you are careful you could find some bargains. Check any ebay sellers feedback carefully, no private sales and no bad feedback. I've been known to go through 9 pages of feedback just to see what the negatives were. Also, check to see what they have sold in the past, if everything they have sold is junk, they could be suspect of selling fakes. I know I really scrutinize sellers, but I got completely ripped off on a Spy bag once and learned my lesson the hard way.
  8. I don't know why she chose the NM pictures to post and then her pictures. Carmens do have leather going through the straps. Her zipper material seems lighter than it should be, but that's not exactly a telling sign. I don't know why NM's don't. The other weird thing is that her pictures, on the straps for where the zippers are, I don't see the hearts and they are supposed to have hearts with Luella on them. I would definitely ask for more pictures. It bothers me that she used NM's pictures first... but anyways... it appears on ebay, everything is free-game.

    I agree with Fendigal, a lot of Luella stuff have been on clearance at NM Last Call and so forth, I would try them first before buying it on ebay.
  9. The hanging tag is fine. I purchased a Luella bag from Neiman Marcus and the tag was the same (pink with a white sticker with the description printed).

    Luella bags go on sale a lot. This is an older style. She may have bought it at NM Last Call.