Luella Mulberry Giselle -differences with Luella Giselle?

  1. Luella's in TK Maxx? Wow! Mind you, I got a Balenciaga Twiggy there (Ireland) a couple of years ago for 179.99 euros. It had a broken zip which I had perfectly restored by a leather repair guy recommended by Harvey Nicks in London.
  2. ^ It was a while a go, don't think they're about now. It was literally a week or so after the brand dissolved. I can't believe you got a Bal in tk maxx!! :nuts:
  3. I still have that Bal! I use it a lot, but right now I'm mostly carrying the Luella. The Gisele is a different experience for me. After all those slouchy bags it's nice to have something a bit more structured, where your stuff stays put and you can see everything easily!
  4. I have two baby giselles - tan and black - both are gorgeous- though you need to be careful. The latest versions IMO are not as well made.

    You need to source the ones with suede interiors rather than lined. They are definitely better made, heavier and with thicker leathers.

    Here is my tan one - its about the same size as a Lebury (maybe a tad bigger)
    bayswater 232.jpg
  5. Ah, your luella look gorgeous numnut!
  6. I bought a pink Mulberry for Luella Gisele yesterday. Waiting for it to arrive! :biggrin:
  7. I am surprised to find a Luella thread here. I owned 4 Luella (I once had 8), 3 of them are Giselle: tan regular size, black large and tan EW (as in east west of bays). Although I don't use them that much now, I am still proud to own them. Must say though, I keep thinking to move them on. The craftsmanship and the sturdiness of the leather is top. I know that they are made of napa leather, is Mulberry Luella Giselle made of the same type of leather? I have never seen one in real. Has anybody has one and can show us the photos?
  8. Hi girls,

    I am looking at buying a Luella Giselle and was wondering - so there are the ones made by Luella and the ones made by Mulberry.... is that right?

  9. Hi, I have a beautiful light pink original luella giselle. I think I took it out to dinner all of twice, straps drove me crazy. At the time I removed the hearts thinking they made the bag a bit young for me and stored them away where I believed they would be safe and promptly forgot about them. Took the bag out of storage recently to admire it and thought about the hearts, went to retrieve them only to discover a leaking bottle of cleanser had destroyed them beyond repair. So sad, no chance of replacing them. Bag still gorgeous though.