Luella medium Diana bag

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  1. What do you guys think of this bag?
  2. I think it's surprisingly cute!
    I carried the old standard D&B massive drawstring for so long {12 yrs ago in my defense} I don't think I'll ever carry one again, but I really think that bag is cute!
  3. Its kind of half and half for me, cute, but I'm not sure I like the braiding.
  4. Eh. It's ok. It would look alot better if the hardwear wasn't gold.
  5. I admit, I'm a sucker for drawstrings, but now I'm moving more towards hobo's very busy with the design on the strap, but I do like it!
  6. eh.
  7. The strap is just way too busy. I'm going to have to go with a nay here.
  8. I like it! if I didn't already bought a spring bag, I probably would have gone for this and a B-bag. I like the strap's detail, it definitely has some element of toughness/punk, plus the frivolous fun of the tassle. I wonder if it's that hard of a white or if NM's picture is making things look whiter than normal again.

    Definitely one of Luella's better designs. I think she sort fell off some wagon for a little while.
  9. I like it! It's very cute and unusual!
  10. The one million grommets on the strap kind of turn me off but I like it for the most part!
  11. Nay for me.
  12. I love it! It's on my shortlist of spring bags. One of these days I'll make up my mind. :smile:
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