Luella help

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Please help me. I am thinking of getting a luella - I have seen one at a good price in the large size 16" x 11" x 6". But i am a bit worried about the size. Can you wear it as a shoulder bag???

    Please could people post pics of them modelling the large size, so I can see if it would suit me . Any help would be great


    Kimmy :P
  2. Which Luella style is this?
  3. I saw some Luella giselles in York this week , not sure what size they were but none of them looked like they would fit on the shoulder. lovely looking bags!
  4. Unless you have skinny arms, the Giselles will not fit over the shoulder.
  5. They don't fit on the shoulder easily, and even if they did, they are so heavy you'd be like the hunchback by the end of the day.

    Nice bag though - I'm biased though as I have the baby version :P

    Enjoy your purchase.
  6. yeah I have brought from her a few times before - she is a good seller . I know she has had some problems with smells in her bags -- but i have not really had that problem