Luella Giselle

  1. Is the Luella Giselle bag still an IT bag to own? or is it last year?
  2. Unfortunately, the Giselle has become not even last year, but 2004. I still love mine although I don't carry it much.
  3. Laura, if you like that bag though you should get it. There are some available at a discount on
  4. Last year or not, I still carry mine. Buy what you love! :biggrin:
  5. I'd say 2002, and stretch it to 2003.

    But, if you like it, get it and carry it! Trends aren't important.
  6. Yeah, not in anymore, but at least you can get them for a super good price now!
  7. I think they're still cute-- it was a widely-copied style, but an original Luella is still an original Luella, remember that.