Luella Giselle Bag - how to price

  1. I have this bag that is new and not used. Having never sold these before, I dont know how to price it. The tag is still on, it's never been used, but there are these small points of wear. What's a good starting price if I put it on the bay? Would I be better off doing a Best Offer?
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  2. I had this bag in pink. Unfortunately, their resale value is not very high. Is this the large size? I would start the pricing at $200. Shocking, I know. When you list it make sure you note it's new with tags because this bag was often counterfeited. Also make sure you show the origin tag in your auction (the older bags were manufactured in Turkey). Good luck!
  3. I sold mine ( not on eBay ), pink color, med. size for $225.

    Yes, setup with best offer and post much pics to show the cond to prevent complaint, good luck :smile:

    Or how to make BIN for $200? I see market now is around $199, $200, $250...
  4. re-read our rules before posting again.
  5. re-read our rules before posting again.
  6. :yes: while when purchased it on 2004 ( if I'm not wrong ), it's about $850 and over :s
  7. Well, I have a few purchased over the years....This is justy the first one I am thinking to sell.
  8. This is the other one I have, but not new. I can't seem to locate the origination tag...
    bags 030.jpg
  9. Look inside the inner pocket. You will probably have to turn it completely inside out and tug on the seams to see it. Sometimes they are very hidden!
  10. Thanks, also made in turkey!
  11. ok, I made a BIN w/ BO. Let's see how it goes!!!