Luella Gisele Bag- help!

  1. I don't know much about these bags- but somewhere on here I saw someone post a picture of theirs!! I'm obsessed- I'm looking for this color and can't find it anywhere. Other than eBay- where can I look (and whats the color called?) I also like the lavender and the greenish-blue. What do I look for when making sure it i s authentic? I've read that these bags are very heavy- is that true? Lastly- some have an accordian style, no top and others have a top- what the difference (well I guess I mean what do you guys prefer). If anyone has one- post pics please :smile: Then I can see the comparison (if I should go baby or large- any advice on that would help too!)

    THANKS for reading!!!!
  2. That style is incredibly difficult to get hold of now as it's a few years old, and to be honest eBay is probably your best bet, although you'll have to be careful as they were faked all the time. Can't remember what that colour is called, but it's very pretty. I have a mint green one in the baby size - it's a good sized bag and it is quite heavy for it's size. I don't have any decent pictures of mine but if you're that interested I'll dig it out and take some. It's tucked away in my wardrobe for winter as the mint is more a spring/summer colour to me (and judging from the early preview pics and magazines I've seen so far, it will be a popular colour this spring yay!)
  3. i love the mint color too!! Don't dig around- but if it e ver happens to be out- def. please take some pics for me- I'm very into these bags all of a sudden!