Luella Fury Boxy

  1. What do you think?
  2. Fantastic!!! :yahoo:

    I like the white best.
  3. I love this design!
  4. Yuk
  5. Not my cup of tea - but if you like it - get it:flowers:
  6. It's kind of cute
  7. I havent seen it in stores or magazines yet. It looks a bit cheap to me, but fun. I'd get one if they were under $500, but I'm sure it will be over $800!
  8. ummm, errrrr, not to be indelicate........ but did the title of this thread make anybody else giggle?
    I like the black one better, but not crazy about either one.
  9. Very fun...but they're pricy I assume?
  10. ditto me