Luella for Mulberry Gisele Holdall - colours

  1. Hello,
    in my long (in fact for years) searching for the Luella for Mulberry Gisele holdall in tan, I found a black one on Ebay a couple of years ago. I have never seen this size in black neither before or after my purchase, do you ladies know anything about the production of this model in black?
    Btw, I finally earlier this year also found it in tan, just looove them both!

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  2. Hi :smile: , I don’t. have any info for you but just wanted to say , great bag! I remember looking at the Luella bags in Liberty many years ago and hoping one day I would be able to buy a designer bag. It looks pristine in your pic. I can see why you love it
  3. I’ve got a mint green one, in mint condition. Still smells amazing, will see if I can dig her out for a photo shoot