Luella experts! Please authenticate this bag!

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  1. Thanks guys!
    f0a0_3.JPG f0d9_3.JPG f1e8_3.JPG f13b_12.JPG f16a_3.JPG
  2. ^^^^^ (cont.)
    f21d_3.JPG f113_3.JPG f186_3.JPG f258_3.JPG
  3. Looks good to me.. Except that my Made in Turkey is hmmm... embossed in a leather tag. Let's see about others' opinions about this. :biggrin:
  4. The gisele's were made in turkey. It looks good to me
  5. You guys rock. Thanks again!
  6. bumping b/c the auction for the second one ends in a few hours and I'm not sure if I should bid or not. Please help! TIA!