Luella expert needed for Giselle L

  1. As I really value the expertise of you ladies. I would like to ask you for help with this Giselle. The seller offers a 14 days return policy. But it seems to be a tobe good to be true deal. So here she comes:
    I would love to have one:love: :love: But they are so hard to get in Germany and I#ve never seen anyone here with a Giselle
  2. That's not the right proportions for the Gisele Large at all. It is way to short and stubby and looks more like a Baby Gisele. I don't know what season it's from, but Luella's gisele interior is typically canvas pink. Not sure what season it's from and maybe they changed it recently, but it doesn't sit well with me.

    I would try to ask more questions about the bag. I don't know what Cammelo is either. I was assuming that they were referring to the color or something. The leather texture looks right and everything else looks pretty good.

    Maybe some of the other ladies in the forum could help with this too.
  3. Thanks for answering so quickly. Do you own a giselle?
  4. Yes, I own a black large.
  5. Would you mind sending me pictures or post them?? I mean just if you got some because I have to learn about the Giselles. The only way getting one is Net-A-Porter but they don't have any luella I like.
  6. I don't have any readily available (on my computer) of the type you could use to establish authenticity. Efashionhouse has a gisele on their website in lavender. It gives you the dimensions. Anna sells authentic bags, but her selection is also limited.

    Couple things to look for:

    1. What color is the sleeper bag? It should be in pink.
    2. Are there additional cards associated with the bag? There should be two. One that At Luella, we love natural leathers... etc.. etc... pm me if you want more details.

    If you ever have any questions, this is the perfect forum to launch it in. There are lots of people familiar with Luella.
  7. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!
  8. Hello, so sells authentic products? Thanks!
  9. Luella bags are made in Turkey! Ask the seller were the bag was produced. That may help.
  10. I agree about the proportions being off. The interior, however, varies depending on the season. I have a red one, but I don't know the season as it came from Bluefly. The interior is khaki canvas, not pink. I would ask more questions, such as where the purse was made.