Luella charms bag, pics

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? I really like it, I have seen this one on eBay does it look authentic to you? 290083681469[​IMG][​IMG]

    How big is the bag to carry and is the leather soft? Do you know if there would be any fakes made of this?[​IMG]
  2. someone please help!
  3. Oops, auction ended with a Buy It Now. I'm not an expert on this brand but in general, I don't trust listings that say "New, with tags" for over $1000 off retail. There's no place they could've bought an authentic bag and sell it for that big a discount. The other thing is, for that kind of money I expect more than one photo. So a couple red flags. Not saying it's not real, just that there are a couple warning signs.
  4. Thanks

  5. Boxermom, what about this eBay auction 130080269966
    Is the discount too steep?
  6. The percentage discount isn't out-of-line for high-end bags. The BIN is about a 30% discount. She's starting low (for this bag) but obviously expects the bidding to get close to the BIN. I didn't look to see if she has a reserve price. She has a thorough description, several photos (I couldn't enlarge them) which I would expect for a nice bag. I don't see any red flags on this one, but I'm not an expert on this designer. I just get a "feel" on some auctions that they are a little shady and I don't get a bad feeling on this one. If you're seriously thinking about this bag, you can start a thread asking for experts on this designer to authenticate. My gut tells me it's good.(whatever that's worth)
  7. boxermom, I'm not seriously thinking about this bag, I was using it as an example --- authenticity and red flags should be raised by members that ARE familiar with Luella and not based solely on price (as anyone that IS familiar with Luella knows that resale on Ebay is low) and on one photo (you can always ask for more and SHOULD!)
    Also check the sellers feedback, current/past auctions.
    Sorry you missed the Luella Charms bag rosieroseanna, my gut says it was real.
  8. You're right about authenticity questions being answered by those who are very familiar with the brand. I did check the sellers feedback and auction history on both these bags--neither one had a problem in those areas. I was addressing only the areas of judging auctions related to a price that seems unbelievably low and that I'm never comfortable with a seller who has only one photo. Yes, I can ask for more photos, but a serious seller would know to include the important photos.

    I didn't say the first bag wasn't authentic, just that for me, there were a couple details that concerned me. In both cases I stated I wasn't expert on the bags. I do my research when I bid. Some principles of bidding on eBay are the same within a category, regardless of brand, and I know there are a few designers that don't fall in that general area. If I erred, it was in trying to help when I had experience in part of what she was asking, but not 100% of it (the brand). In any case, someone was willing to pay the BIN on the basis of one exterior photo.
  9. Ok, the seller send me these pics before the auction ended and has said that the buyer has pulled out and if I want it I can have it, what do you think? If it's fake it would be a nightmare as it is coming from the US and I am in the UK, apparantely she bought it for her niece and it was too big?
  10. pics coming!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]
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