Luella Bartley

  1. I believe this designer worked for Mulberry.

    I have seen a few bags, which are absolutely stunning.

    I am wondering if they are fairly easy to get hold of, and would appreciate any pointers.

  2. Yes, Luella Bartley originally worked for Mulberry. Then she left and formed her own line. She had a really hot "it" bag about four years ago called the "Giselle." They were very popular. Some called them "this generation's Birkin." But, in my opinion, they went out of style very quickly. (And they were heavy and hard to get in and out of.) I sold my two Giselles a couple of years ago. Neiman Marcus and Saks started carrying Luella bags when they were hot, but I don't see many Luellas around in the stores these days.

    Here's a pic of a Giselle, borrowed from eBay.
    Giselle from eBay.jpg
  3. I agree with Cosmopolitan, I had a Large & a small Giselle and ended up selling on eBay. They were beautiful bags, but they were very heavy and I hated trying to get in and out of it. Additionally, the buckles seemed to always catch on my clothes and snag my sweaters. :cursing: I still see an occasional bag on the NM & BG sites, but for the money, I would find some lighter weight bags.
  4. she recently did a collection for Target in the States and her bags can be found on netaporter

    it also looks like she has quite a few bags on sale at Welcome to Luella

    my roommate had a fake Luella Gisele a few years ago
  5. Ohh, I still love my giselle's!! I have a red and black.

    Here's the black with LV rond :smile:

  6. I'm dying to get a baby Giselle, but I can't seem to find one anywhere (except Ebay, which I'd rather avoid)!
  7. I bought a Giselle a few years back at NM. I agree that it is heavy, but I still love it. I don't see Luella bags at NM anymore.
  8. i like Luella too. i wanted the Giselle in white so badly but was never able to find it. i did hear from my friends that they are very heavy and when i see them, they usually don't even buckle them cause it's such a pain to open and close. but still want one nonetheless.
  9. I do the same thing with my Marc Jacobs Venetia. I never buckle it cause it's such a pain in the butt, so I don't think this would bother with a Gisele. :yes:
  10. great style but really HEAVY!! since it's peak was around 4 years ago, you can get a great deal from the 2nd hand market. just stick to the reputable sellers.
  11. I use to love her bags too, but would never get one after hearing about the weight. The colors are adorable!
  12. Cosmopolitan, thanks for that pic, I also like the style of the Giselle, I have a couple of cosmetic and jewellery wallets which have this circular silverware on it.

    I am watching a black giselle on ebay at the minute.

    Also, I have made a purchase recently, but I am beginning to feel a bit wary of it, as it happens, the seller is only 20 miles from me. But, I am trying not to think of it now I have purchased it. Just hope that it is as gorgeous in real life as it looks here. What do you think of this?


    Item number above, its EBay UK.
  13. I have four Luella bags and I just love them all! I have a tan baby Giselle, teal Jazzy strap Giselle, black Joni, and just bought a chocolate Suzi tote.

    The Giselle can be a bit of a pain to get into if you strap them all the way up, bu the sales assistant at Harvey Nichols showed me how they are meant to be closed during the day when you need to get in and out of them quickly - hook the side straps first without closing the large flap, then you can open and close the flap securing it with the small central bit - it still loks really nice closed this way and makes it easy to open and close in a flash!

    NAP has a Joni on sale and this week Ive seen Joni's also for sale on NM and BG sites.
  14. I love Luella, but have no bag yet. I have a great coat though, and her main clothing line is excellent quality.

    Still thinking to get a Luella bag..... they are easy to come buy online, like NAP etc but even on ebay you could some good deals IF you avoid most Giselles (almost ALL fakes...). Good luck
  15. Giselle is one of my favorite bags and I still want one now in purple.:love: