Luella Bartley for Target!!!

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  1. I was just curious has anyone purchased any of the Luella Bartley merchandise from Target? What do you think of her Target line? I know that it is already selling out at most stores. I was able to get her cherry wristlet
  2. i got this really cute stretchy skirts......has cute buttons on the side with rainbow striping on the waist.....just bought it cuz it was cheap and it arrived today and it's much much cuter in person.....
  3. The clothes look cute, but are waaay too tiny for me.
    I got this yellow hobo.[​IMG]
  4. There is a cute cherry ipod case!
  5. I went and tried a bunch of stuff on the other night. The sizes are definitely small--more like teen sizing. I'm normally a L or XL, but the XL in button down shirts wouldn't work for me. I guess pre-teens/teens don't really have boobs... I didn't try the pants, but they looked small.

    The accessories were ok--nothing AMAZING in my opinion. The jewelry was plastic--either in red, white, or black. The bags were canvas and didn't really do much for me. I'd rather get a canvas bag from the Gap...

    If you're on the thinner side, there are some cute styles. But some of the things are on the "young" side (I'm 31). I read somewhere that she was inspired by the All-American girl/cheerleader look, so that may explain the "youthful" look.
  6. They had a really cute dress, but sadly I am not into dresses.:sad2:
  7. I like the yellow hobo! I read an interview with Isaak Mizrahi where he talked about how Target challenged designers to come up with cheap things that they themselves would use -- the idea being that cheap things don't necessarily have to LOOK cheap.
  8. That's interesting Judy. When I first saw the yellow hobo, I thought it looked like something you might see in American Eagle or Urban Outfitters or something, but when you look more closely it has some special details. Luella's trademark heart zipper pulls, and equestrian references... I really like it and I think I'll carry it a lot in spring/summer.
  9. i got a green tulip skirt

    i wanted to see the black dress with buttons in the front, but it was all sold out

    i thought a lot of it was directed towards preteens/teens
    but not all of it

    prices were fine though
  10. The mesh bags are adorable ! Too bad there's no Targets here.
  11. [​IMG]

    I went with the intention of picking up this apple-graphic bag... really, really cute in person. The only problem is that I could tell that the rope would fray... it wasn't a study, rough rope but made of soft fibers.

    I saw the jewelry and clothes and I thought they all looked really cheap.
  12. imo it's all really awful. i'm v. disappointed.
  13. I picked up the cherry print button down shirt and I like it. It's not very well cut (fitted in the arms but wide in the body) so I'm going to take to a tailor and have it fitted. But I like it, I think it's a cute print and studier than most of the Issac stuff. And for $25 plus another $15 for tailoring, I think it will turn out to be a decent summer investment.
  14. Just returned from Target. It all looks very 80's to me. Seriously, I think I saw my prom dress, just in a different color. Balloon skirt and everything. I actually thought the bangles and necklaces were cute. I bought the cherry print clutch to go in my vacation/beach bag. I thought the mesh bag was cute, too, but very young.
  15. I bought the yellow horse one too, even though it reminds me of a diaper bag. haha. it'll be a good summer beach cute and happy mcdonald's colors.

    I liked the button down shirts a lot but they are very poorly cut, same flaws as Isaac Mizrahi (really wide body). I didn't think about getting it tailored, I liked the black and white striped one. I may go back and get it.