Luella bag quality?

  1. What's the quality of a Luella bag like? I've heard mixed reviews...:confused1:
  2. I only "tried one on" and found it too hard and structured for my taste, sorry I couldn't offer more help.
  3. i've seen them irl...they're cute, but, very heavy and structured...reese witherspoon has several that she's been photograped with...
  4. I had three of them ... a pink Gisele, a lavender Gisele tote and a dark green hobo. I loved them and thought they were very good quality. However, I found them to be too heavy for me.

    To clarify, I'm talking about the "main" line, not the bags that were made for Target.
  5. I have one, which I really like, it's the Gisele, when I carry it, I get tons of compliments. One of the most complimented bags I own.
  6. I had a Gisele a long time ago now and it went to a new home years ago, but I remember it being very good quality albeit stiff and very heavy.
  7. I have a gisele and like others have said it's heavy. But it is probably the best made bag I have - the leather is very stiff and rigid - mine is years old and still looks like new.