Luella Bag help

  1. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows about Luella bags, are they heavily faked? I don't see many for sale on eBay, so I'm guessing not but I really don't know. I'm wondering if I can PM someone a link for them to look at. thanks!:heart:
  2. If it's a giselle I have one right in front of me and wouldn't mind doing a comparison. PM me if you like.
  3. I also have a Giselle if you have any questions. When I was shopping for the Giselle a few years back, they were heavily faked. I'm not sure about the other styles.
  4. I tried to sell mine on eBay and only got one crap offer that eBay delivered after the fact. You should do great as a buyer.
  5. Yup-same here I have an Giselle too if you need more information.
  6. How strange, I just posted about my Giselle in the thread about green bags being a hot item for spring. So my Giselle is a few years old and aquired at Saks. I do remember LOTS of faux Giselle bags on Ebay at the time that I purchased mine. I took a look at the ebay auction that you listed, and based on the pictures provided, it looks exactly like my authentic bag. However, I have really no experience authenticating her bags, so I don't know what specifically to look for in terms of authenticity. I rarely purchase bags on ebay because of all the fakes.

    I'm a newbie here, so I don't know if there is a better place for this authenticity thread, sorry.......

    Best of luck!
  7. You should try posting this under the section called Authenticate This and people can help you out. Go to Bags, Bags, Bags and then choose Authenticate This at the top.
  8. I often see faked Luellas on eBay... It's strange, given (as you say) there aren't that many in the first place!

    The real ones are tremendously beautiful though - lovely leather and very well made. Resale value isn't great though, so it's best to be buying it to keep. I'm looking to add more to my collection!