Luella B. Giselle bags..

  1. Does anyone own the Giselle? If so, what do you think of them. I would like to buy one, but there seem to be a lot of fakes out there. Can anyone tell me how to tell the real from fake? Are they really make in turkey?
  2. Hmmm ... I hadn't heard that they are made in Turkey.

    Anyhow, you might want to check either Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. As this is an older style Luella bag, I recall that both of these stores had tons of them on sale.

    I like the style of the bag, but never purchased one as I think they are EXTREMELY heavy (very heavy-weight leather and with all that hardware).

    Depending on your frame (petite, medium or large-boned), you might want to consider a small bag. The Giselle also came in a smaller-sized bag.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the info! (love the pic of the kitty! I have an orange tabby.) The nearest NM is about 6 hours away. I looked online, but didn't see any on sale. :sad: I will keep looking. A lot of the ones on e-bay seem to be NM buyouts, but I just don't know if they are real!
  4. I have a baby Gisele in canvas with green stitching and a green leather flap, handles and hearts. I LOVE it! Its very lady-like in its overall shape but fun because of the colors and the hardware. I also think the canvas weighs MUCH less than the all leather. But the baby Gisele is definitely a crook-of-the-arm bag -- not a shoulder bag.
  5. As someone mentioned in another thread, there are a couple of Luella Giselles on at great discounts.

    I have the Baby Giselle in black leather, and I love it. It can be heavy, so if you can you might try out a similar Luella style (like the Stevie) in a store if you can.

    Also, some people say it's hard to get it open and closed. I have mastered doing it with one hand, but if you are worried about that, you might like the Stevie since it has a simpler turn-lock type closure.

    Also, I have another Luella, the Anouk, in oxblood corduroy, which does say it's made in Turkey, and I bought it at NM.
  6. and bluefly have also had some luella on sale lately