Luella apple bag

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  1. Hi, I know I'm way slow, but I saw this Luella bag with green apples and I think it's so cute! It's from 2005. Does anyone have any info on it whatsoever? Is it still available, the style number, where can it be purchased from? I don't even know where Luella bags are sold. I asked Saks and they said they don't sell them anymore. Any help on this adorable bag would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!

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  2. Nope, totally sold out. Rachel Bilson has been photog'ed with it. It shows up on eBay from time to time. So I would check there.
  3. Thanks Greendrv. I did see a used one on eBay last week but I want a brand new one. Does anyone have this bag? If so, where did you purchase it from? I haven't given up hope yet...maybe out of the U.S.? I'm still looking...
  4. She made a few cute bags with a similar cherry print for her Target Go International line if you want to try that...
  5. it's a cute bag there! hope u find it
  6. It is cute(though finding it new will FOR SURE be a challenge, now!)
    Good luck on your adventure:yes: Keep us posted!
  7. Looks really cute :biggrin: best of luck on finding one !
    and please do update us if you get it :yes:
  8. ahhh i am looking for this bag everywhere... it was on eBay once for 400.. i should have bought it DARNNNNNN
  9. I hope you find the bag! I love mine, it's become my Spring bag. It seems to brighten things a bit.
  10. Agreed! I have one, and it's really cute. I get loads of compliments on it!
  11. im still looking for this bag.... anyone seen it??
    luella apple bag.jpg
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