Ludlows, anyone?

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  1. can anyone tell me the cons of a ludlow?? im worried about a snap-lock wallet. Does that leave a mark in the interior of the wallet?
  2. I have mono ludlow wallet and i love it!!!!No cons whatsoever,and it fits in any bag---actually it fits even in my mini pochette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it!!:p
  3. You have to fold your money and only 3 cc spots....but i love this wallet! I have one in framboise vernis, so pretty
  4. mm..I had a ludlow for 1 week then i sold it cuz it just wasn't for me. i didn't like how the CC and cash are in separate sections. I got the Cozy instead...and I totally love it. One compartment and you can see everything!!
  5. Oh so small, but oh so adorable :smile:
  6. the only thing i don't like about is that i need to fold my money... but the wallet is sooo small and compact that i don't mind about that!! and i like the shape of the ludlow! perfect wallet ;)
  7. hmm..i don't like folding my money though
  8. i have it and i don't like it. it's just entirely too small for me. (and i should have known because i hate hate hate folding my money)
  9. is there space for coins at all once the bills are folded?
  10. [​IMG]
    reference picture in damier! yes, there is a separate compartment for coins!
  11. IMO they're too small for daily use unless you don't carry much cash or many coins. If you rely on cards all the time then you'll be fine..otherwise they're really too small.
  12. I love the ludlow. I returned a regular sized wallet (bifold) because I felt that was too big. I like to be quick about my spending (whip it out, stick it right back in--> I am talking about the cards here) so I love that the ludlow fits into a coat pocket and there isn't too much fidgeting to be done to get to the card.
  13. mmine is perfect for me, but im young, and all i have is my school ID and i just fold the cash in half. it can hold 6 cards if you double up.
  14. When I carry my Pochettes, I use a Ludlow for my cards and coupons (or store punch card) and a Cles for my cash and change.

    I want a Vernis one next.
  15. ^^would a cles hold about 6 cc's plus cash/coins??:confused1: