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  1. HI
    does anyone have a ludlow? im thinkin about getting a new wallet and i thought the kudlow might be quite nice. im a guy so i dont have a bag with me that often and the ludlow is kinda small right? is there still enough room in there for some cash and credit cards?
  2. I dont have one but i like them and have asked about them before. I think they can hold a few credit cards and some cash if you fold it up but thats about it. If you do a search on Ludlow i know there have been some threads about it. Good luck.
  3. I have one in monogram. I use it as my "go out" wallet with my pochette. It can hold quite a bit actually. It has a coin pocket (where I put some bills as well) and it has 3 credit card slots (but you can put more cc if you like). I like the style. It's small but roomy!
  4. How about the compact wallet?
  5. hey
    thanks for answering. that one doesnt look too bad either. i think i ll jus go to the store and take a look at all the wallets hehe. i m sure i ll find one i like:smile:
  6. I have the ludlow in mono and love how it can fit so much but be so small. I use it in my clutches and pouchetts when i go out at night. And for a guy it's small enough to wear in the pocket without the bulge of a bigger wallet
  7. how about the new zippy coin purse that came out? it's slightly bigger than the ludlow.
  8. I think the ludlow is super tiny. Get the zippy coin purse! I traded my ludlow for the zippy and couldn't be more happy with it!
  9. the ludlow is great for just carrying it in your pocket if you don't have a bag (or a tiny clutch)
  10. Check out the new zippy coin purse! It is perfect!!